Doctor's visiting service at the patient's hotel or home
daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m

Forgot your prescription medication? Not feeling well? Do you need a medical examination? We will come to you in Prague – to your home, hotel or Airbnb. We will help you solve digestive problems, pain, infectious diseases, allergic reactions and many other problems.

Before the visit itself, we recommend a short telephone call with our doctor (Czech / English). A medical examination will then take place at the patient’s place (hotel/home). Our doctors are equipped with mobile diagnostic devices for examination of urine, blood, pressure, CRP, EKG, etc. If necessary, we will take blood on site for more detailed examination in the laboratory.

After the examination, the doctor informs the patient of the diagnosis and recommends a course of treatment. If interested, we can also arrange for the delivery of prescribed medicines to the patient. After the examination, the patient receives a medical report in English. We will give you an invoice for the amount paid, which can then be applied to the patient’s travel insurance company.

Doctor’s visit daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m
Price: starting 10 000 CZK
We provide our services every day including public holidays! Call  +420 775 869 236

Provided services

By phone

  • medical consultation with a doctor
  • forgotten prescription drugs
  • order of medical aids (crutches, orthoses,…)

During the visit

  • personal consultation with a doctor (CZ/ENG)
  • extended examination (CRP, urine, blood, oximeter, pressure, ECG)
  • laboratory examination (STATIM)
  • medication prescribed by a doctor (antibiotics, analgesics,…)
  • infusion therapy

After a medical examination

  • medical report (CZ/ENG)
  • laboratory report (CZ/ENG)
  • invoice for medical care (CZ/ENG)

Included in the price

  • doctor’s visit (in the territory of the city of Prague, outside Prague by arrangement)
  • necessary medicines (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.)
  • POCT examination
  • medical report + proof of payment