Occupational health services

  • Clinic in the heart of Prague, at Gorazdova 335/14, Prague 2
  • Cost-Efficient Solutions – Small and medium-sized companies are not burdened with any flat fees for contracts or reminders.
  •  We speak Czech, English, and Russian.
  • Last-minute appointments available
  • There is also the option of visiting an occupational physician at your company (we will come to you)

Looking for an Occupational Health Services provider? We offer OHS services for individuals, businesses, and large corporations. We provide clear and transparent terms and quick collaboration setup. We handle health examinations for employees in administrative roles, drivers, construction workers, manufacturing personnel, and healthcare professionals. If you need advice, we are here to assist..

Our specialized clinic is dedicated to occupational medicine. This means your employees won’t have to spend time among sick patients in the waiting room. We offer very short appointment lead times.

Scope of Care:

  • Entry examinations, periodic examinations, extraordinary and exit medical examinations
  • OHS oversight, contractual responsibility for ensuring occupational health services for your company
  • Consultation services (job categorization, communication with state labor authorities, etc.)
  • Additional services for employers (on-site vaccinations, testing, Health Days at your company, etc.)

We also provide occupational medical examinations to individuals.

Price list of occupational medical services:

Entrance medical examination for employment cat. I, II
Price: 700 CZK
Extraordinary medical examination for employment cat. I, II
Price: 900 CZK
Entrance medical examination for employment cat. 2R, III
Price: 950 CZK
Extraordinary medical examination for employment cat. 2R, III
Price: 1200 CZK
Do you want a contract for occupational health care? ?
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We conduct medical examinations exclusively for scheduled appointments (via email, phone, or online).

An employee should arrive for the medical examination with a health documentation extract from their primary care physician and a confirmation request from their employer (available for download here: Occupational Health Examination Request).

Appointments are scheduled to ensure a maximum of 2 patients in the waiting room at any given time. Therefore, please respect the necessity of booking an appointment in advance and then adhere to the scheduled time.

What to bring for the occupational health examination:

  • Valid identification (ID card, passport, driver’s license)
  • Completed and confirmed request form from the employer
  • Health documentation extract from the primary care physician
  • Medical reports from specialists (if available)
  • Glasses, contact lenses, or other medical aids if used

The process of the occupational health examination:

  • Interview with doctor
  • Basic examination (physical examination, blood pressure measurement, preliminary vision and hearing checks, as necessary urine examination, resting EKG, spirometry, etc.)
  • Issuance of a medical assessment, payment (for contractual clients, the employer covers the cost directly; others will pay and seek reimbursement from their employer)

How long does the occupational health examination take?

  • It depends on the job category, type of work, and your health condition
  • Typically, it ranges from 15 to 45 minutes (if EKG or spirometry is performed)

Can I make payment by credit card?

  • Yes, we accept card payments as well as cash.