Sleep examination at home

Quality sleep is essential for our health. That’s why we’ve added sleep monitoring, including the diagnosis of sleep disorders and sleep apnea, to our portfolio. Don’t wait for an available slot at a facility with limited amenities to enhance your stay. Say goodbye to unfamiliar environments, a multitude of healthcare staff, or even multiple patients in one room. We’ll bring the sleep laboratory to your doorstep.

The examination takes place overnight.

Sleep examination at home
Price: 4 500 CZK

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders are categorized into insomnia and increased sleepiness (hypersomnia). Insomnia encompasses conditions where an individual has difficulty falling asleep, experiences fragmented sleep, wakes up during the night, sleeps for short durations, or wakes up feeling tired.

Is your poor sleep merely a response to sudden stress, or is it already a serious sleep issue? We’ll provide you with an answer.

  • Lack of concentration
  • Memory problems
  • Impaired cognitive functions
  • Increased stress burden

What is monitored during a sleep test?

We measure the following data:

  • Airflow through the patient’s nose
  • Snoring, blood oxygen saturation
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory effort
  • Body position and wrist movement during sleep

An optimized algorithm allows us to distinguish between OSA and CSA. Detailed results provide comprehensive information about the quality of your sleep.

We will attach a very comfortable sleep monitor to your body for the night. The following day, we will collect the device and analyze the recorded data. The package includes a telephone consultation of the results with our doctor and recommendations for any necessary treatment or further examinations.

The service includes

  • Loan of the device and training
  • Delivery/pickup of the device
  • Monitoring with the sleep disorder detection device
  • Interpretation of the recorded values by a physician
  • Sending the results report to the client’s email
  • Consultation with a doctor


The examination package is for individuals aged 18 and above. The measurement must not take place on a waterbed or a bed with an electric blanket.

We accept payments

  • in cash
  • by credit card
  • on invoice (only for contractual partners)